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Children’s Toys to Avoid this December

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Children’s toys to avoid for Christmas gifts this December.

December is here! Crazy right? Christmas is in 24 days… Many people are out there trying to figure out the best toys to give to their kids this December. One thing to remember when buying toys for a child this year is eye safety, no matter what your kids ask Santa for or ask you for. We only have one set of eyes and we need to protect them and its especially important to teach your kids and their friends about keeping toys and other objects away from the vicinity of the face or eye.

The first thing that people usually think about when buying toys for their kids or other children is a choking hazard. They avoid buying Legos or other small objects that small children (3 and under) can choke on. Eye safety in toys seems like an afterthought for many people however you’d be surprised at how many eye injuries occur in children from foreign objects from small objects from toys getting into their eyes. Here is a list of toys to avoid buying for kids this Christmas:

Nerf guns, silly string, toy fishing poles, water balloon launchers, water guns, laser pointers, bright flashlights fidget spinners, slimeball slingers and body bumpers.

Also please keep in mind the age limit that is listed on toy box packaging to ensure you are adhering to safety guidelines there as well. A 3 year old should not be playing with a toy or a game only suitable for an 8 year old for obvious safety reasons.

As always, if you think your child has something in their eye or obstructing their vision the first thing that you want to do is take them into see Dr. Reinders just to be on the safe side.