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Blue Light Effects on Eyes

Ansia Stress Depressione 1080×675Blue light from your computer and device causing your eyestrain and pain? Shut off the blue and make your eyes happier! Any light emitting device including your phone, TV, laptop, Ipad, etc, gives off lots of blue light which has been shown to be the most difficult color of light for your eyes to focus on causing eyestrain and fatigue. Also, blue light exposure before going to sleep can alter your melatonin levels and trick your brain into thinking that it is day time. This can result in difficulty falling asleep and getting quality sleep. Fortunately, new lens technology known as Blutech lenses can block out most of the blue light from any light emitting device. These lenses are available in most prescriptions and have become our lens of choice for patients with computer related eye fatigue and sleep problems. Please schedule an appointment or stop by our clinic for a Blutech lens demonstration. To learn more about these lenses please click here.

Also, to see a testimonial from our IT guy, Dave please click here.

Just say no to blue!

Dr. Steve