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How can I quickly reorder my contact lens prescription?

Simple, please visit our Contact Lens Store and get your contacts shipped directly to your door. It's as simple as 1-2-3..

What types of insurance does Complete Family Eyecare accept?
How do know if I have a separate vision plan?

Simply call the number on the back of your medical card or contact your employer.

What payment methods does Complete Family Eyecare accept?

Accepted payments methods include: cash, check and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Care Credit.

Do I need a referral to be seen at your office?

No, please check with your insurance company for coverage details or call our office at 952.562.8116.

If I have an urgent eye concern can I be seen today?

Yes, if you have an urgent eye concern such as sudden loss of vision, new floaters, pink eye, etc., we do offer same day appointments as well as weekend and after hour appointments. Please call our office at 952-562-8116 during business hours or click on this link for weekend/after hour urgent concern instructions

Can I get a pre-Lasik exam from your clinic?

Yes, please contact our office at 952.562.8116 to request an appointment.

What is Care Credit and how can it help me pay for medical products and services?

Care Credit is an extended payment plan which allows patients to pay for eyewear, contact lenses, and examination services interest free for up to six months. Patients can apply for Care Credit in our office or by following this link: Care Credit Application.

Dr. Steve and Jennifer Reinders
Dr. Reinders FAQS

Q.) What made you decide to get into optometry?
A.) When I was freshman at the U of MN, Morris, I was pre-engineering but realized that heavy math wasn’t my bag. My advisor told me to go into optometry so I changed my major having never had an eye exam in my life.

Q.) Is it difficult to work with your wife?
A.) Nope. Similar to home, I do what I am told and choose my battles wisely. Actually, we get along very well, but we do have our moments

Q.) Are your kids interested in an eyeball career?
A.) No, unless it would involve Youtube, Netflix, or Fortnite

Q.) Do you miss farming?
A.) I miss the smell of the corn fields but not the smell of the cattle. Great place to grow up and learn a solid work ethic. I still visit the Bergen Bar which is close to our family farm.

Q.) Have you ever ruptured a bicep tendon while waterskiing?
A.) Yes

Q.) How would you describe optometry after being in practice for over 25 years?
A.) Living the dream, one eyeball at a time!

Q.) Plans to retire?
A.) Never

Jennifer FAQS

Q.) How did you meet Steve?
A.) At Park Nicollet. I was working in Urgent Care and he was in the eye department. In a lame attempt to flirt with me, he would send me jokes via interoffice mail.

Q.) Is it difficult to work with your husband?
A.) No, as long he stays in his office or the exam rooms. Overall it is a lot of fun and am very happy that we started this clinic together.

Q.) What is the most challenging part of your day at the office?
A.) Insurance, Insurance, and Insurance.

Q.) Thoughts on raising teenage girls?

Q.) Favorite line from Top Gun?
A.) Slider, you stink!

Q.) Favorite Restaurant?
A.) Charlie’s on Prior

Q.) Most annoying thing about Steve?
A.) For starters…Every time we go somewhere, he is never ready, always jacking around, and makes us late.