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CFE Eye Stories

Why Do We Dilate Your Pupils???

Simple answer: Thoroughness. You could stop reading here but hope you continue on…. When it comes to pupils, size does matter. An important part of a thorough eye examination involves viewing the inside of your eyes and examination though small pupils often provides...
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Snow Blindness

Snow Blindness (the “B-Word)…is it a Real Thing? Eye doctors are terrified of “B word” (blindness) and we don’t use it lightly as it implies complete, permanent vision loss that gives us nightmares. However, urban legend inventors, those trying to sell you a...
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Scleral Lenses 1

Scleral Lenses: Making Your Vision Great Again

Scleral contact lenses have become the lens of choice for treating keratoconus and other corneal conditions not correctable with glasses or standard contact lenses. However, scleral lenses can also provide great comfort and vision in the treatment of a variety of eye conditions...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis and How It Can Affect Your Eyes

Arthritis is a common condition in which your body’s immune system mistakes your joints as foreign or dangerous tissue and “sends in the troops” to attack the joint and surrounding tissue. Your immune system is essentially your body’s police force with the task...
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OcuSoft Retaine packaging

Eyes Watering from the Winter Weather? The Burn and Sting of Dry Eye Season is Early This Year!

Eyes Watering from the Winter Weather? The Burn and Sting of Dry Eye Season is early this year!  Winter has started early this year bringing below normal temps to our already frigid state and colder temperatures usually equate to low humidity.  Furnaces, fireplaces,...
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lumify pack

Lumify Eye Whitening Eyedrops – Do They Work?

Recently, there have been many advertisements for Lumify, which is a new eye whitening drop on the market. Does it work? The simple answer is yes, but with caution.
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Contact Lenses: Options for Better Vision

Can’t see up close? Tired of Bifocals or Cheaters? Contacts Lenses can be an option for better near vision For those of us who are getting “less young,” the loss of near vision (presbyopia) can be one of the most frustrating parts of...
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glaucoma medical device

New Glaucoma Medical Device

New Medical Device to Measure Eye Pressure for Glaucoma - without eyedrops Several different devices are in use for measuring eye pressure for those who have glaucoma or for glaucoma testing at routine eye examinations and screenings. Some devices such as the dreaded...
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Amniotic Tissue Membrane

Amniotic Tissue Membrane use in treating corneal problems and dry eye Amniotic tissue membranes (ATM) have been shown to have numerous uses in wound healing and prevention of scar tissue on the eye and other parts of the body. ATM is harvested from...
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Multiple Sclerosis Affects on Eyes

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis affecting your eyes. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is “demyelinating” condition in which the immune system attacks the myelin cells that insulate the nerves ending. Loss of these myelin cells then causes a slowing of the electrical...
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Understanding Vision Insurance

Understanding Vision Insurance. The term "vision insurance" is commonly used to describe health plans designed to reduce your costs for routine preventive eye exams, prescription eyewear and Contact Lenses. Most vision insurance plans are discount plans that provide...
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cold sore near eye

Cold Sore in Your Eye…What?

Cold Sore in the Eye? Can that really happen? YES! Most people hear the word “herpes” and immediately think sexually transmitted disease. However there are different types of herpes viruses. Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex (HSV) Type 1 whereas sexually...
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fireworks barge

Prevent Fireworks Eye Injuries!

Preventing eye injuries from fireworks. Celebrating Independence day (aka: the 4th of July) in America is an exciting time filled with backyard barbecues, bonfires, boating, and beautiful firework displays. Even though we will be enjoying the holiday in many...
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glass eye 1080×627

Prosthetic Glass Eye

Loss of an Eye and Replacement with Prosthetic (Glass) Eye. The loss of an eye can be a devesting event for a patient. From a visual perspective, adapting to only one functional eye can be very challenging and equally if not more challenging...
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Maui Jim Sunglasses

National Sunglasses Day June 27th!

Stay safe in the sun! National Sunglasses Day is June 27th! This is a great time to think about getting new prescription polarized sunglasses. When it comes to buying sunglasses, please take the time and make sure to get the pair that fit...
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Donated Eye Tissue

Uses for Donated Eye Tissue Being an organ donor is a very worthy and noble act which can greatly enhance if not save the life of someone in need of an organ. As morbid as it may seem, human eyes are routinely “harvested”...
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difference between contacts and glasses

Glasses Prescription vs. Contacts Prescription

A “routine eye examination” provides an overall eye health evaluation for diagnosis of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc. It will also determine a patient’s “refractive error” or combination of lenses to maximize your vision. Those numbers are your glasses...
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Eye Cancer

Malignant Melanoma in the Eye Malignant Ocular Melanoma is the most common form of eye cancer and affects about one in every 130,000 people. It is most common in light eyed males between 45 and 55 years old. Unlike skin malignant melanoma, there...
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Ansia Stress Depressione 1080×675

Blue Light Effects on Eyes

Blue light from your computer and device causing your eyestrain and pain? Shut off the blue and make your eyes happier! Any light emitting device including your phone, TV, laptop, Ipad, etc, gives off lots of blue light which has been shown to...
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Sleep Apnea & Glaucoma

Sleep Apnea and Glaucoma Do you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? You may not know that if left untreated it can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attach and stroke. This sleep disorder can also lead to vision...
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transition lenses 1080×584

Pros and Cons of Transitions Lenses

Transitions Lenses Many people wonder if Transitions lenses are right for them. One benefit of these lenses is that you can go from inside to outside and not have to look for your prescription sunglasses in your car, purse, briefcase, etc. Its a...
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Eyelids Twitching? Its Myokymia

Eyelids Twitching? Its Myokymia. A myokymia is an involuntary spasm of tiny muscles in the eyelid. Many patients report that they see the skin shaking or that it feels like there is an insect under their eyelid. Myokymia’s are a very common and...
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understanding your vision

Understanding Your Vision

Understanding your vision. Everyone throws around the 20/20 or 20/ whatever number for their vision but few people outside us eyeball geeks really understand what 20/20 means so here is how it works. This system of measuring vision was invented by Herman Snellen...
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Spring Allergies are Here!

Tips to help with your eye allergies Try to avoid or limit your exposure to the primary causes of your eye allergies. In the spring and summer, pollen from trees and grasses are the usual suspects. Ragweed pollen is the biggest culprit in...
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sunglasses rainbow

Enchroma Color Deficient Glasses

We ran our Enchroma color deficiency test for 8 straight weeks. Inviting people to come into the clinic and try on the Enchroma glasses and take our color blind test and here are the results from our Enchroma color deficient sunglasses test: From...
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quality sunglasses thumbnail

Importance of Buying Quality Sunglasses for Performance and Health

Importance of Buying Quality Sunglasses for Performance and Eye Health As the weather gets warmer and snow melts away, we are inspired to take our workouts to the outdoors. For many people, that means walking, running, biking or other outdoor activities that will...
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Retaine pic

Dry Eye Season is Here!

The Peak of Dry Eye Season Is Here. Eyes burning, watering, dry, blurry? Cold, low humidity, conditions during the winter time can lead to increasing amounts of dry eye. Furnaces and space heaters are running, heat vents in your car are blowing in...
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Preventing Macular Degeneration

Preventing Macular Degeneration If you are in your 30's or 40's you most likely aren't thinking about age related eye diseases or preventing them. However macular degeneration does typically run in the family so if you have a parent that has this then...
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sunglasses rainbow

Glasses to Treat Color Blindness? Do They Work?

Glasses to Treat Color Blindness? Do they really work?? Recently there’ve been many advertisements and YouTube videos for Enchroma colorblindness glasses. At this time, we are not endorsing this product, but have purchased a pair for all of our patients to try at...
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Coach Zimmer safety glasses

Vikings Coach Zimmer…Wearing Safety Glasses…Why???

Why is Vikings coach Zimmer now wearing safety glasses? While watching the unbelievable Minnesota Vikings Miracle game, I noticed coach Zimmer wearing what appeared to be safety glasses instead of his usual readers. Why now would he be wearing safety glasses after...
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10 Reasons to Support Local Business

Here are the top 10 reasons to support your local ma and pop stores. It is so important this time of year to remember the importance of supporting local businesses when you do your holiday shopping. I know its very convenient to shop...
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Dr Steve after eyelid surgery

Dr. Steve has Blepharoplasty

Dr. Steve has blepharoplasty! Aging is inevitable and often results in everything drooping – including eyelids. Recently Dr. Steve noticed his eyelid skin drooping down over his eyelashes and obscuring his vision.This surgical procedure is called blepharoplasty....
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toys to avoid chem string 330×220@1.5x

Children’s Toys to Avoid this December

Children's toys to avoid for Christmas gifts this December. December is here! Crazy right? Christmas is in 24 days... Many people are out there trying to figure out the best toys to give to their kids this December. One thing to remember when...
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Happy Thanksgiving

Whats Really Making You Tired at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is just a few days away... Crazy to think how fast this Fall has gone and that the holidays are actually here... No matter how you celebrate this holiday or who you are with one thing we know for certain is that...
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Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working age people in America. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, approximately 29 million Americans age 20 or older have diabetes, but almost one-third don’t know they have the disease and are at risk...
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when was your last eye exam

Annual Eye Exams by End of Year

Eye Examinations before 2018! Please do not wait till the end of December to have your annual eye examinations. I have talked to so many people lately that haven't had their eyes checked for 2 or more years, The last person I spoke...
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deer eyes upclose

Hunting Season is Here: Deer Can See More Than You Think

Its hunting season again! Time to break out those hunting clothes and get those guns ready, but first before you do that, think twice about the camouflage or blaze orange that you plan on wearing. Why? Because you would be surprised at what...
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Do Eye Vitamins Really Work?

There are many companies trying to sell or taut various eye vitamins that claim to help prevent or decrease the progression of various eye conditions such as age related macular degeneration. Please click here to watch a video on prevention of AMD. The...
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Maestro OCT

Introducing the Optical Coherence Tomography

In keeping up with the most advanced technology and providing our patients with the best care, we recently purchased and installed an Optical Coherence Tomography (who comes up with these names??) or OCT in our clinic. This test that can help Dr. Steve...
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Halloween Contact Lenses Safety Guidelines

Halloween Specialty Contact Lenses Safety Concerns Every October our office receives several requests regarding prescriptions for specialty Halloween contact lenses which come in some crazy colors and evil designs. This brings up contact lens safety concerns as all...
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Early Diagnosis of Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a progressive deterioration of the central vision which is due to the aging of the macula. The macula is the very center of the retina and is responsible for detailed central vision. It is only about 3 mm...
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Early Diagnosis of Cataracts

Early Diagnosis of Cataracts Cataracts are fully treatable with surgery. The medical necessity for an early diagnosis is not as crucial as it is for Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. Everyone past the age of 50 has cataracts to some extent. However, they can...
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Detecting Early Signs of Glaucoma

Did you know that September is Healthy Eye Aging Month? As we age our vision and eyes change and it is very important to continue with your annual comprehensive eye exam so Dr. Steve can perform tests to detect early signs of vision...
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8 Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

8 Warning signs of vision problems in children If your child has an uncorrected or un-diagnosed vision problem, it could severely affect his or her development because 80% of what children learn is taught visually. Consistently sitting close to the TV or holding...
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